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If you have unfinished projects, read this now...

Hi! Can you believe December is upon us already? How this year has flown by. I hope your Thanksgiving was a peaceful celebration with lots of love, reminiscing and creating new memories. 


I mentioned previously that there was going to be a challenge coming up for next year, so here it is!...

Who has a pile of unfinished projects?

Not only do these take up space in our homes or studios but they also take up space in our minds, whether we recognize it or not.

Join us in our Unfinished Project Challenge beginning Jan 1st, 2024. We can create a supportive and encouraging environment to help get these projects done and declutter your space and mind.

Pick 12 projects, table runner size or larger, that have been waiting around for you to put the finishing touches on (or start sewing, no judgement here.)

You can choose to participate either In-Person or Online!

Both include:

--a year’s worth of monthly $8 program fees that would be charged to a card on file with us. Statistically speaking, people have a much higher rate of success when they have made an investment in what they are trying to achieve.

--a small “penalty” for not completing monthly projects, not greater than the equivalence of a fat quarter.

--rewards for completed projects, which must be table runner/wall hanging size or larger.

--sharing pictures of your completed project by either Facebook or email, specific deadlines must be met to qualify for rewards

--Finish all 12 projects and be rewarded with a 10% discount* on supplies at Seams Sew Together for the entire year 2025!


Register for the program of your choice, In-Person or Online, and you’ll soon receive an introductory email with all the details for your specific program, a record sheet, and an agreement to "sign" because this is a year-long commitment.

I know there's a lot going on this time of year, early registration will take it off your To-Do List and give you peace of mind. Now add 12 finished projects; just imagine the sense of accomplishment!

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Join in the fun!    In-Person Challenge Registration   or   Online Challenge Registration

Looking forward to this challenge with you!


Seams Sew Together

18 Bridge St, Suite 1

Bellows Falls, VT 05101


*If there is a sale running, you would get the larger discount, not both.