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QUILTING SERVICES: Our quilting is all hand-guided at this time, giving your quilt an organic finish. If you prefer a perfect look, computerized quilting would be more appropriate for you and we'd be happy to refer you to someone. 
  • Estimates on price for quilting your unique quilt will be determined once your quilt is in our hands and will be based on type of complexity of quilting. Accurate estimates are difficult when based on descriptions or pictures. 
  • $35 minimum charge no matter the size.
  • There may be a preparation fee if borders, blocks or backs require sizing, or do not lay flat or if fixing of seams is requested. 
  • Pieced backs are best if they have 1/2 inch seam allowances remaining after selvages are cut off.
  • BACKING: Please add an additional total of 12" MINIMUM to the size of your entire backing (top/bottom and sides) to allow for tension testing, warming up, use of rulers to create the quilting design and allowing room for the clamps to help maintain a nice taught backing throughout.

BINDING SERVICES: Our binding is generally done by machine sewing to front and hand-sewing to the back of the quilt. 

          This service can be a stand-alone service, or in addition to our quilting service.

          Price for basic standard binding starts as follows, and may increase depending on sizing and complexity of task... 
               $0.05 /linear inch to make(cut, sew + press strips)
               $0.10 /linear inch to attach to front
               $0.15 /linear inch to hand finish

If you are interested in our Quilting/Binding Services you may come in during our regular open hours for the intake process. If none of our open hours work for you, please email us so we can coordinate an alternative time.